Cosmetic Acupuncture

Like a book for all the world to read ...

Your face is like a book for all the world to read. Through it you convey your thoughts and most subtle emotions. When your face and skin are healthy and glowing, you convey your vitality to all those around you.

Lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging, adding character, depth and history to your story. When lines are unnecessarily deepened by poor health, fatigue or emotional and environmental stresses, however, they can leave you looking and feeling older than your years.

A safe alternative for facial rejuvenation

Cosmetic Acupuncture is an effective, non-surgical treatment used to reduce the signs of aging. Ultrafine needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points on the face in order to stimulate circulation and collagen production, and so reduce lines and improve skin tone. A safe alternative to Botox or surgical treatment, cosmetic acupuncture has been shown to:

  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Relieve facial tension
  • Improve circulation
  • Minimize fine lines and soften deep wrinkles
  • Reduce dark circles and puffy eyes
  • Tighten pores.

Acupuncture is a holistic treatment involving the entire body system. As a result, clients receiving cosmetic treatments often report enhanced general well-being. For more information on the benefits of acupuncture, please visit our therapeutic acupuncture page.

What to expect

Your cosmetic acupuncture appointment begins with a consultation to determine which areas of your face are of most concern. You will be asked to describe your lifestyle, diet, and stress levels. Your acupuncture practitioner may also perform a visual and physical examination of your face and tongue, and will evaluate your pulse.

Your cosmetic acupuncture treatment usually takes place sitting or lying down. Because cosmetic acupuncture involves treating only the face, you will remain fully clothed.

Your acupuncture practitioner will insert several ultrathin, sterile needles, one at a time, into various acupuncture points on your face. The needles are made of stainless steel and, unlike hypodermic needles, they are solid (not hollow). They do not draw blood and they are exceptionally fine.

Usually six to twelve needles are used in each treatment. As the needles are being inserted you may feel a slight prick or sting, a mild tingling sensation, or nothing at all.

Once the needles are inserted, you should feel no pain or discomfort. Depending upon the type of treatment you are receiving, your acupuncture practitioner may gently manipulate or twist the needles until you feel a pleasurable tingling sensation.

You will be asked to rest, with the needles in, anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. While you are resting, you may feel a tingling sensation, or a sense of deep relaxation.

Most people find the treatment calming and enjoy this period of rest. When the rest period is over, your acupuncture practitioner will gently remove the needles. This is a quick and painless process. The single-use needles are then disposed of safely.

A series of ten to twelve treatments, spaced a few days to a week apart, are usually recommended. Though individuals respond differently to treatment, based on age and lifestyle, most notice reduced signs of aging within six or seven sessions.

After the initial treatment series, monthly maintenance treatments are generally recommended.